Frequently Asked Questions

We know that high quality fuel equates to good clean energy, and now we want to make it even easier for gatherings and groups of all kinds to enjoy the health buzz. We are happy to fulfill large juice orders for your event, with pickup available at any of our Austin-area locations.

Please read through the following guidelines before placing an order. Events with more than 250 attendees or with a pickup outside the Austin Metropolitan Area please email

How much juice do I need?

There are 128 ounces in a gallon. If you serve in 9 oz cups, you will have 15 servings per gallon.   We suggest using 9oz cups for your event, although we offer 14oz cups as well. Our bottles are 17oz each.

If you are making mixed drinks with liquor and serving them over ice, you can approximate 20-25 mixed drinks per gallon. We suggest offering 2-3 mixed drinks per person at your party.

When do I need to order?

Orders must be placed five days prior to pick-up.

Will JuiceLand deliver to my event?

We do not offer delivery. You may pick up your order at the JuiceLand location of your choice.

When will my order be ready for pickup?

Your order will be ready for pick-up at 7:00 AM/8:00AM Sunday for all the shops, with the exception of:

Cedar Park - Available after 10:00AM

Lakeway - Available after 10:00AM

Sonesta - Available after 10:00AM

Parmer McNeil - Available after 10:00AM

Arbor Town Square - Available after 10:00AM

Georgetown- Available after 10:00 AM 

Houston - Available after 12:00PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Dallas - Available after 1:00PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. 

but feel free to pick it up anytime afterward during operating hours!

Do you provide JuiceLand staff, fresh juice/ smoothie bar or a juice/ smoothie truck?

We currently do not offer these services.

How do I order smoothies in bulk?

Call your neighborhood JuiceLand and speak to a manager. For large volume events (30+) we do not suggest smoothies as they melt quickly and do not travel well.

For this reason, we do not produce smoothies in bulk at our production facility and ask that you order them at your local JuiceLand.

How do I get bulk juice orders in Houston?

You sure can order bulk juice for your Houston event! Bulk juice orders are available for pickup in Houston only on Tuesdays and Fridays after 12pm, so plan accordingly. Email for pick up in Houston.

We are not able to provide a refund if your juice is not picked up. We are only able to process refunds if the orders are cancelled within the same day they are placed. Please e-mail immediately if you must cancel.