Here are a couple special perks that you have access to as an employee:

  • Castle Hill Membership- $50 a month (deducted from 1st check of the month). Check out the gym here. Email Janna by the 20th of the month to enroll or be removed from the plan at ! For administrative purposes we require a three month minimum commitment to the plan. 

  • Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine- 10% off books, classes and plant walks, wellness intakes and herb purchases using the coupon code "community." Sign up here or email Nicole at 


We are taking submissions for our Fresh 4 Life Program.  In January we will be giving the winner of this awesome program $2000 towards living their dreams. Whether it be going back to school to create a more sustainable future or getting a yoga teacher certification to share mindful living to our community, we want to help you help the world be a better place. We will do this 3 times a year: January, May and September beginning in 2017.

Application HERE! Download, complete essay and send to Jenn Cupid at

Hiring For Houston & Dallas Crews!

Did you know that you will receive a $100 referral bonus for anyone you bring into the company that stays on staff in good standing for 90 days? Tell yo' friends to join our team! 

They can apply Here