Here are a couple special perks that you have access to as an employee:

  • Castle Hill Membership- $50 a month (deducted from 1st check of the month). Check out the gym here. Email Janna by the 20th of the month to enroll or be removed from the plan at ! For administrative purposes we require a three month minimum commitment to the plan. 

  • Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine- 10% off books, classes and plant walks, wellness intakes and herb purchases using the coupon code "community." Sign up here or email Nicole at 
  • Qualifying AT&T Services - 8% off of qualifying AT&T services in the employee's name. You can find a document with the essential information HERE and a flier from AT&T with more details HERE ! Email with questions! 


We are taking submissions for our Fresh 4 Life Program.  In January we will be giving the winner of this awesome program $2000 towards living their dreams. Whether it be going back to school to create a more sustainable future or getting a yoga teacher certification to share mindful living to our community, we want to help you help the world be a better place. We will do this 3 times a year: January, May and September beginning in 2017.

Application HERE! Download, complete essay and send to Jenn Cupid at