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pecans, manna bread, coconut oil, cacao, goji berries, agave, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt

Spring Roll Bowl

gluten-free vermicelli, organic mixed greens, seasoned green beans, marinated baked tofu, cashew-miso dressing

Beyond Burrito

a gluten-free southern wrap with Creole spice beyond burger, coleslaw, romaine, remoulade, house-quick pickles, hot sauce (gluten-free)

Queso Roller

mushroom and black bean picadillo, cashew queso, sesame sour cream, cilantro lime white rice, romaine, cayenne tortilla, serrano hot sauce

Mid East Feast

A refreshing mixture of flavors inspired by the Middle East. Our award-winning hummus meets a fan favorite—quinoa salad made with vegan cucumber tzatziki, apricots, and pistachios. 

Frijole Roller Burrito

Our most popular food item! Think of a seven-layer dip wrap, but vegan! Potato and mushroom picadillo, black bean spread, spinach, and vegan sour cream rolled into a spinach tortilla with a side of Yellowbird habanero sauce. Recommend pairing with a Tigerlilly!

Wundershowzen Bowl

almond milk, banana, spinach, hemp protein, peanut butter | topped with banana, strawberry, gluten-free granola, hemp seeds, and a coconut oil drizzle