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Our Commitment

Action Plan May 2021

One of our favorite slogans is, “Feeling Better All The Time.” And to be better, you have to do the work. We’re committed to doing the work. 

As a company, we are committed to creating and fostering a positive, equitable and nurturing environment for our employees. We’ve acknowledged that we may not have kept pace with our company’s communication and HR systems as we have expanded. This employee input has helped us realize that we need to improve our systems and processes so we can live our values every day. 

We realize there have been several allegations posted on social media and our silence has been confusing for our crew. While it is tempting to respond to these allegations, to do so in a public format would be inappropriate. To be clear, JuiceLand does not tolerate racism, sexism, sexual harassment or any other inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Any and all reports of discrimination or other inappropriate conduct of any type will be investigated fully. We have committed to partnering with a third party entity to collect any current or past incidents that may have occurred.

Since Friday (May 14, 2021) we have been engaged in discussions with a small group of employees that brought issues to our attention. On Monday (May 17, 2021) we had a meeting with this group, and were able to listen to their concerns. While they may have only shared their particular accounts, it was certainly eye opening. To be clear, employees have the right to choose to strike. We know that this is disruptive to our business operations, but we must respect the protections in place. Our intention is to provide access to a level of detail with the information in this message that can help each individual make the decision to continue to work. The following is a summary of initiatives that we are addressing. 

  • Identify opportunities to further support the financial well-being of our team members
    • Effective May 16, 2021, increased wages for our commissary employees. Starting pay is now $17/hr in a non-tip environment. 
    • Effective May 16, 2021, increased shop wages to a minimum $15/hr in a tipped environment. 
    • The guaranteed wage increase at the shop level will also be applicable to PTO.
    • An evaluation of our benefits program began last year and will be supported with a survey to be shared with the crew in the next few weeks.
    • Pay ranges and pay caps for all hourly operations roles will continue to be evaluated. This analysis is a priority that we are actively working on and will be in touch about as soon as possible.
  • Engage with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Partner
  • We identified a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion firm in 2019 and established a partnership. We began finalizing our strategic plan in March of 2021. This plan includes: 
    • Looking at all decisions through a DEI lens
    • Anti-discrimination and harassment training for our leadership and crews to identify unconscious bias
    • Creating the opportunity for crew members to contribute to these programs with their experience and perspectives 
  • In addition to our anonymous portal, we are partnering with an independent third party to provide a 1-800 help line for the anonymous reporting of any concerns.
  • We will continue to swiftly investigate and act on any matters reported to HR. 
  • Improve working conditions brought to our attention
    • Continue to focus on hiring efforts to create more support for all crews.
    • Continue auditing all locations to ensure that they are upholding our standards. Our facilities have routinely exceeded the health inspection standards set by both City and State officials. We take safety very seriously.  
    • Continue to provide the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the crew, and we will respond promptly to crew preferences and requests. 
    • Continue to work with our teams to identify and complete operational improvements as they are needed.
    • Legacy shop improvements have been scheduled throughout 2021, including equipment and shop workflows. More information will be provided to Shop and Regional Managers in the coming weeks.
  • Invest in channels to encourage employee feedback and collaboration
    • In April 2021, we began exploring a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will allow for better two-way communication and performance review exchange between crew and management.
    • Employees will have the opportunity to participate in focus groups and additional forums for discussions along with additional emphasis on engaging with our online employee portal.
  • Continue training and enhance performance reviews for leadership and crew
    • Improve upon training with emphasis on DEI, role functions, as well as clarity around responsibility in roles. 
    • Additional structure to training for roles such as juicer, manager on duty, assistant managers, and shop managers. 
    • Increase feedback on management teams. Summer 2021 will be introducing 360 feedback for both managers and assistant managers, both 90 days after starting the position, and annually thereafter.
    • Prioritize retraining our team on our anti-discrimination, harassment, accommodations and additional pertinent company policies.
  • Improve Communications
    • Increase the cadence of gathering information from our teams through surveys.
    • Broaden the ways we communicate with our teams and explore opportunities. 
    • Establish more frequent communication and broadening the ways we think about initiatives that will affect all employees. 
    • Quarterly updates on initiatives within the company.

We want to reiterate that we prohibit discrimination and commit to improving the mechanisms that enable our crew members to report any concerns they may have. From the day we were a single juice shop on Barton Springs, we’ve been committed to creating a great place to work. We believe in treating people fairly and with dignity, providing them safe and healthy working conditions, and good wages and benefits. Those remain our values today.

Thank you for being a part of the JuiceLand community and for allowing us to learn and improve as a company. 

JuiceLand’s Commitment | FAQs

What about the allegations of various kinds of discrimination?

We cannot discuss the cases of individual employees, but we take issues related to discrimination very seriously. We have established a clear process for making discrimination claims, and are taking steps to expand employees’ ability to do so anonymously. We have taken the extra step of hiring a well-respected outside source to establish a 1-800 Helpline for making it more comfortable for employees, customers and partners to voice their concerns anonymously.

Do you have a diversity plan at JuiceLand?

We are an incredibly inclusive company composed of women, minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, and others at all levels throughout the organization. We appreciate the conversations that have brought opportunities for growth and improvement to the forefront. We’re not perfect, and when problems are brought to our attention, we address them. Last week, we drafted and shared an Action Plan that focuses on these areas and incorporates our DEI initiatives.

What other issues do you want to address?

We’d like to point out several things in response to allegations that just aren’t true:

• Our production facilities have modern and functional heating and cooling systems.

• Every JuiceLand property has passed all State and City inspections since opening. Several years ago, we discovered a pocket of moisture located inside one wall at a production facility and we confirmed it was a non-toxic mold. We replaced the wall immediately. We take swift action to ensure the safety of our employees and the quality of our product for our customers. We remain diligent in this commitment to excellence and we listen to our employees if they report an issue.

• JuiceLand has filed no legal action in connection with these protests, and we have no plans to do so. We are grateful for our crew members and truly appreciate the outpouring of support from the vast majority of them.

JuiceLand is a beloved company in Texas and has so many happy customers and employees. So many of us wonder why you didn’t agree to the protestors’ request to issue a joint statement.

We would have been happy to issue a joint statement of principles. But the protestors wanted something quite different: they were demanding that we falsely state that we have a racist and toxic workplace. It isn’t true and we will not submit to that kind of coercion. Instead, we are putting our energy toward making JuiceLand an even better place as we implement our Action Plan

What policy do you have in place for handling the strikers now since you’ve communicated your go-forward plan?

We respect employees’ right to strike. At the same time, we owe it to the 97% of our crew who want to work — and to our customers — to keep our shops open. We encourage strikers to let us know when they are ready to return to work. If their positions are open, then they will be able to get back to work immediately. If their role has been filled with a permanent replacement, then they will go on a list and be the first to be called when their position becomes available.

What do you have to say to customers who want to know you have resolved all complaints before they shop with you again?

We are committed to making sure our customers understand we care deeply for our staff and their well-being. We are committed to operational excellence at every level. We know we can constantly improve and we will. We encourage you to read our Action Plan and watch us keep to our word. We will hold ourselves accountable to our promise. We value your business and look forward to serving you.