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A brief history of lime


Our mission

With passion and creativity, we encourage our community to embrace health, wellness, and a vibrant, plant-based diet to positively impact humankind and the sustainability of our planet.

Our Values


This company was built on fun! We are proud of the fact that our staff enjoys coming to work and spending time with people they love being around.


We are hyper-focused on making all of our customers and crew feel like they belong at JuiceLand. We welcome all!


Our energetic crew and our fresh products promote vitality, providing the energy to empower healthy choices.


To us, being mindful means staying in the present moment while also considering the future; it means paying attention and thinking about the impact of each purposeful decision we make. We believe we all have the capacity to be more mindful and encourage mindfulness in each other and in our community. 


JuiceLand was inspired by the refreshing waters of Barton Springs Pool in Austin, TX. Every Austinite knows that Barton Springsโ€™ perpetually chilly waters are the ultimate source of refreshment on a hot summer day. Walking into a JuiceLand feels like jumping into the Springs: youโ€™ll leave feeling refreshed by the fresh smell of delicious fruits and vegetables in our shops, exceptional customer service, inclusivity and diversity in our workforce, our delicious delights, and so much more! 


We go above and beyond to uphold a high standard of quality in our products, our customer service, and our crew.


We believe that in just about every situation, there is something to be grateful for and that what you focus on expands. We appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh faces and fresh attitudes. And we especially appreciate our JuiceLand crew, customers, and community. As we love to say: Gratitude is the juice of life!

 Matt Shook - 2001

Matt Shook - 2001

The Juiceland Journey

in 2001, Juiceland's founder Matt Shook, took a break from swimming at Barton Springs pool to get a fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice up the street at the Juice Joint. While filling up on juice, he also filled out a part-time job application. His life would never be the same.

He found his calling: making fresh juices and smoothies for people in search of refreshment.

Only 4 smoothie recipes existed at that time, simply known as:

#1 #2 #3 #4

In 2011, Shook started JuiceLand as the culmination of all he had learned and enjoyed over the years. JuiceLandโ€™s menu would come to be award winning, dynamic and diverse, offering a delicious array of cold-pressed bottled juices, vegan cuisine, smoothie bowls, shots, and cleanses. 

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The juice Crew

burnet road - Circa 2011

Our fun-loving (and growing!) team fuels dozens of locations throughout Texas, helping people feel better all the time.


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