A Tribe Called Quench: Emile Tusk

Meet Emile Tusk -- JuiceLander in Brooklyn for 8 months -- Chalkboard Creative / Nutritional Therapist / Blendologist

"To me, health is a direct result of nourishment. Whole, organic foods nourish us on a cellular level. Things like gratitude, compassion, meditation and daily acts of kindness nourish us on a spiritual level. Gratitude as the juice of life makes sense, because in the same way drinking fresh juice provides energy to our bodies through immediately-available nutrients, taking the time to practice gratitude instantly elevates our spiritual body. I keep a ‘happy book’. Anytime I feel overwhelmed by negativity, I open it and start writing down all the things I appreciate about life. It’s hard to stay grumpy when I’m faced with a list of all my favorite things. (Tropical fruit is one of them.) "