A Tribe Called Quench: Thomas Butler

Meet Thomas Butler @butler.thomas -- JuiceLander for 1 year -- The Bicycle Whisperer & Ambassador of Fun ---

"After college, I travelled across North America for about 2 years. I did about half of it on a bicycle, loaded with camping gear and whatever else I owned. I got help building and repairing the bikes I rode at various community bike co-ops that are similar to Austin Yellow Bike, which exist independently all over the world. When I wanted to settle down again, I was able to find work in commercial/retail bike shops because of what I had learned in my travels. Yellow Bike allows me pay it forward and help others learn the useful skills that helped shape my life. I have come to know a sense of purpose or intention that goes beyond any job. Because pretty much everyone has to work somewhere. Volunteering is a deliberate choice. "