A Tribe Called Quench: Amanda Cooper

Meet Amanda Cooper -- JuiceLander for 1 year & 5 months -- Juicy Heart at Arbor Town Square / Doula / Reproductive Health Advocate Everywhere

" In all of recent history women have been told to be proper and good and not make waves. We have the power of the moon within our bodies. It is our living nature to make waves. When we embrace that, we make the world turn. To quote the poet Warsan Shire, we are "terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love." That power is within all humans. The divine feminine and divine masculine lives within us, balancing like yin and yang. We are not complete until we embrace ourselves fully. When we embrace those twin aspects within all of us -- male and female and everything in between -- we become whole, and healed. I encourage women to embrace both sides; the loving and the strong, because it has been squashed for so long. When we stop worrying about being well-behaved women, we can begin to make history. "