A Tribe Called Quench: Diana Naya

Meet Diana Naya (@goolebird) JuiceLander for 2 years and currently manages our Guadalupe location.

"I've been an avid pickler for years and recently jumped on the Pop-up Market wagon selling my pickles all around town with @thefrenchpickler. I was actually inspired to start selling them when JuiceLand started the Flea 4 All a couple of years ago. JuiceLand provides a wonderful, healthful service for every customer. What I love most about this company is that we don't stop at our product. JuiceLand's dedication to philanthropic efforts, community growth, and healthy, happy living creates an environment that is not just a product but an experience for workers and customers alike. I think this vivacious experience attracts happy, positive people because it has been filled with happy, positive people as the curators."