A Tribe Called Quench: Roni Johnson

Meet Roni Johnson (@ronigailjay) JuiceLander for 5 years - Brodie Shop WoManager & Nutrition Expert.

"Fiber is the structure of plants, within which is held the juicy stuff like vitamins and minerals. Without the structure the plants couldn't store those much needed goodies, those things that we need to live. I feel like those "hi-how-are-you-im-good-and-yous", or brushing our teeth each morning, or sitting down to drink a smoothie each day... those are the fibers of life; the structure. Each of those moments can be infused with so much gratitude; the juicy stuff that we need to live. Just like we require vitamins and minerals for all of our body's metabolic processes, we need gratitude for all of our interactions within and outside of ourselves. "