A Tribe Called Quench: Taylor Miles

Meet Taylor Miles (@taysmilez) JuiceLander for 2.5 years, Drinkmaker at our Westgate shop and one of our JuiceLand artists.

"I grew up as an awkward little booger bean so I found myself creating a lot of characters for different aspects of my life. I had this Rainbow Bear named Charlie that I drew and stuck on the outside of my bedroom door. Whenever I got home I'd imitate what I thought he'd sound like and say stuff like, "Good job, Tay. You killed it today" or "They don't know you like I know you, Tay. You're the best!" Looking back, I'm really proud of myself for not succumbing to the pains of middle school and making something creative and fun instead. I think that's where I got my inspiration for our little fruit buddies. It's so fun at JuiceLand! I remember being at the Westlake store and thinking, "Oh man, we need some guardians to protect our store, guys!" So we all came up with a bunch of different fruits and veggies and they became a reality.
I'm just really stoked that people can get a sense of familiarity and welcoming when they come into a store and see them. And that's what it's all about. We're all just one big family. "