A Tribe Called Quench: K. Lovie Lavoie

Meet K. Lovie Lavoie -- Lakeway Shop Assista / Wellness Support Sister --JuiceLander for 2 years and 11 months

"Magical vibes are constantly flowing all around us, a gift of vitality for us to tune into. I love to tune into that source on my favorite frequency – dancing. All kinds of dance inspire and move me, be it a soft sway or an earth stomping, powerfully liberating ecstatic dance. My movements are usually a mash up of salsa influenced steps and swirls, a little bit of yoga flow, and circular motion throughout my dynamic sphere that I have learned through Aikido. I dance when I get excited, but I also dance to maintain a healthy spine, bring awareness to my breathing, and practice fluidity, all to revitalize my biofield. We each have a personal path to living life with gusto and I've discovered my solid recipe for a vitality blast: funky beats to move my feets, numerous episodes of rapturous laughter, coconut water, smiling faces, soul hugs-- all of which are in glorious abundance in the Land of Juice. " --- πŸ€Lovie's Favorite JuiceLand Drink : Kaleibrator + Cacao Powder