A Tribe Called Quench: Claudia Sek

Meet Claudia Sek - Houston Shop Manager | Momma Clauds - JuiceLander for 3 years & 2 months


I have always been a "Feeler." What I mean by that, is that I feel everything so very deeply. As far back as my memory can reach, I've internalized all of my thoughts and emotions to the tiniest decimal, which never quite lead me to where I wanted to be. Along the often prickly way, through travels, experiences, and meeting numerous beautiful humans, I learned the key to my personality type, and that is to take myself, and life in general, a lot LESS SERIOUSLY.
Laughing at myself became a key, as well as smiling wider, and doing my best to carry a lighter heart. It's certainly been a journey, and it still is at times. Luckily, my job, and the people around me allow me to be my young, joyful self and to play-pretend the life of an adult.
A mixture of laughter, meditation, fresh air, greens juices, and a solid group of honest friends, are the tools I need to coast gracefully through life. "

Claudia's Custom Smoothie Creation: "The Aphrodite" (Durian, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Cacao, Almond Milk, Dates, Vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Coco Oil)