A Tribe Called Quench: Chelsea Black

Meet Chelsea Black - Queen of Quails | "Sea" - JuiceLander for 5 months

"When Iโ€™m holding a piece of stained glass, letting the natural light of the sun dance in every wave of color, every transition of grain and texture, I feel a beautiful truth shine through that I desire to share. To give this precious material a chance to be showcased and enlivened is my pursuit. To spread light, beauty, and awareness into the world, to spark appreciation for the beauties that surround us, and to positively expand myself is the road of life I am dancing down.

To trace my life path back to the trailhead of consciousness, to the seed of mindfulness is a difficult and worthy reflection.

The first time I went hiking was on the Cherokee reservation of Western North Carolina. The off trail adventure took me up the side of a waterfall, into a secret paradise of lavender colored butterflies and a feeling of oneness with the Earth that has forever changed the way I experience the world around me. Almost 10 years later, I would return to this land to work at the Nantahala Outdoor Center and live a life of freedom and exploration.

A widened perspective only ignited the wanderlust inside of me and led me to live and work in Yellowstone National Park for the better part of a year, where I learned to live amongst and appreciate the grandness of nature.

Learning to translate my explorative lifestyle into spiritual discovery truly began at Sravasti Abbey, a Buddhist monastery in Eastern Washington. During that month that I lived and practiced there amongst the monastics.

Now, I find myself harvesting all these experiences and aiming to translate them through the art of stained glass. "

Chelsea's Favorite JuiceLand Juice: "Tigerlilly" + Lemon + Ginger (She calls is the "Ligerlilly")