A Tribe Called Quench: Kiara Crawford

Meet Kiara Crawford - JuiceLand Park Ranger | Thought Forager - JuiceLander for 3 years & 7 months

"My passion lies in teaching my son and appreciating the beauty of growth.
Learning and adapting are such powerful abilities we have.
I believe the past should not be a foundation, but a pool for reflection.
When we hold on too tight to the past, it can hold us back.
The butterfly doesn't carry around its cocoon.
The strive to grow breeds inquisition, creation, and transformation.
Each new experience brings us a new path to explore and journey to grow on.
'Exceptional' is one of JuiceLand's core values! 'Exceptional' to me is a word of progress and growth. There are many challenges, obstacles, and failures to face before one reaches exceptional. Life has definitely handed me a fair share of 'fun'. Now, I have a beautiful boy. He inspires and motivates me to be the best I can be. To learn about any and everything, to show him what true passion is, how to respect a moment, and what letting go looks like.
Pushing forward is the key. Then, exceptional just becomes a stepping stone to reaching extraordinary!"