A Tribe Called Quench: Ricky Andrade

Meet Ricky Andrade - The Juicy Filmmaker - JuiceLander for almost 1 year

"I’ve been surrounded by some of the most amazing and giving people in the world. Everyone has the best advice and a better perspective in tackling life; all you have to do is see their beautiful families, loved ones, and friends to know it’s true. My mother has taught me to know your reality but also to not lose your faith within it. Whether it’s through a failed marriage, starting from scratch in a new country, or cancer, you must persevere and follow the voice that guides you; and above all, never lose hope.

Ryan, my best friend since fourth grade homeroom, has always guided me and taught me how to live life and enjoy every experience. His father, Roger, one of the greatest people walking this plane, and multiple sclerosis patient, always teaches me to be grateful for the only thing that you truly have in this world, your mind and body.

Life comes at you fast, you just gotta take it slow and steady and always listen to the hearts of others and your own. Everyone puts in their part in their own way, that’s all we can do. "

⭐️Ricky's Custom Smoothie Creation: ⭐️
"The Luv Machine" (The Love Below + Durian + Maca + Extra Coconut Oil....Apple juice after a workout, subbed carrot juice if not. )