A Tribe Called Quench: Casey Willson

Meet Casey Willson - "Marketing & Creative Director | The Ninja" - JuiceLander for 4 years

"When I was little I wanted a barbie truck and realized I could build one out of wood with my dad so we did. That pretty much set the scene for the rest of my life. Having a vision for a project or a goal inspires me, and once I get on a roll the creative juices get flowing and *wham bam*, the creative process is in full effect!

When I started with JuiceLand, my background in design was photoshopping my friends' faces onto other people’s faces for birthday cards, so it’s safe to say I had no real idea of what I was doing. I definitely doubted myself a lot at the beginning but my boss at the time realized it was coming from a place of fear and she told me, “If it doesn’t scare or excite you then you’re not going to grow from it.”

That definitely changed my perspective on how I took on new tasks. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to design everything from store menus to all the signage we’re installing at the new Whole Foods 365 JuiceLand.

Oh and for Christmas I photoshopped our CFO surfing on a shark so you could say I’m still living the dream."

Casey's Favorite JuiceLand Smoothie: "The Jam" (apple juice, banana, strawberry, peanut butter, coconut water, coconut oil + floater of our gluten-free granola)
....PRO TIP: You can order "The Jam" from old specials menu