A Tribe Called Quench: Joel Welch

Meet Joel Welch - "Lo Ultimo Kitchen Manager" - JuiceLander for 2 years & 8 months

"Southern style cooking runs in my family. My grandpa was a farmer in his spare time so I grew up surrounded by fresh fruits & vegetables and my grandma’s passionate cooking. Not to mention, my mother won Mrs. Betty Crocker in high school. I was kind of a latchkey kid growing up as well so would open up the fridge and go to town. I was making gourmet club sandwiches at 6 years old. I spent a lot of time teaching myself how to cook.

As one of the leaders of the kitchen, I really enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the growing demands of additional shops and new food dishes. I really like the people I work with every day. I go to work looking forward to interacting with my team both in the kitchen and administrative.

Throughout my career, the term "quality of life" has been thrown out there, loosely at best. Since coming to JuiceLand, I've come to find what that actually means. It's a delicate balance of work and personal life where happiness is found in both. There is going to be stress no doubt in both but having the ability and support to work through those challenges and always maintain a balance is key. Thanks, JuiceLand, for providing me that "quality of life" I've always heard about."

Joel's Favorite JuiceLand Food: The Falafel + hummus + YellowBird Jalapeno sauce on each bite!