A Tribe Called Quench: Scott Cannon, Leana Mooradian and Illiya Bloom Cannon

Scott Cannon

"North Regional Manager & DIY Enthusiast"
JuiceLander for 4 years

Scott: "I just want to give Illy the opportunity to become what she wants to be. She could be an introvert or an extrovert, a star student, an athlete, a musician or an angsty goth kid writing poetry about how her parents are so lame and no one understands her. I don't care. I just want her to be happy and have the chance to chase her dreams.
I admire how Leana always stays cool and keeps a level head when faced with a problem. She's smart and makes good decisions. She's brave in so many ways that I am not...easy on the eyes, too! I think she is exceptional. In part, because she is a mom and all moms are exceptional, but also because she is a very driven person. She does so much to build our home, to take care of our family, and to pursue her own personal growth."
*Scott's Favorite JuiceLand Smoothie: The Originator*

Leana Mooradian

"Downtown Regional Manager and Proud Momma"
JuiceLander for 2 years

Leana: "I never realized just how much I'd truly LOVE being a mom until I became one. I idolized my mother and being a mom makes me feel connected to her in a way I never did before. For me, it's been a transformative experience and one that I cherish very, very much. I hope Illy is like my mother; fearless, confident, and an all-around unapologetic badass.
I admire SO much about Scott. His humor, his honesty, his intelligence, and his loyalty, just to name a few. He has a very high standard that he holds himself to. I think that is one of the things that I admire the most about him. He is EXCEPTIONAL. He never cuts corners and approaches everything with the intention of doing his very best. It's hard to find someone with that much integrity these days. Scott is just the best."
*Leana's Favorite JuiceLand Drinks: "Tri Pinnacle" + ginger + hemp seeds (if I want something healthy and refreshing) OR "Chai Chia" + cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate chips (if I want dessert)*.