A Tribe Called Quench: Samuel Alvarado

Meet Samuel Alvarado

"Sammiard The Spaniard" - JuiceLander Since March 2017 

"I have always been very passionate about music. I believe it resonates within everyone. More recently I have discovered my passion for creating music and the instruments that help express those ideas. Think of your favorite song, whether it be one of yours or just one you know inside and out. Now picture yourself playing that song. Now picture yourself playing that song on an instrument YOU created. Words fall short for that connection. In that moment of rocking, and letting the music and experience consume you, especially when the crowd is feeling it, that is the closest thing I've felt to bliss."

Sammiard was chosen for our *FRESH 4 LIFE* sponsorship program, awarding him $2000! Our "Fresh4Life" program was created to help ambitious, forward-thinking and talented JuiceLanders get closer to living their dreams.

Samuel builds one of a kind electric basses by hand and his enthusiasm for the creation of music is very refreshing! We feel very grateful to have someone so driven and creative on our team.

🍍Sammiard's Custom Smoothie Creation: "The Refresher" (Spinach, Ginger, Mango, Pineapple) 🍍