Pick Your Cleanse

Below are a series of raw, cold-pressed juices we recommend to help guide your juice cleanse. You can also build your own combination! The goal: Consume a bunch of raw nutrients and enzymes and start feeling better today!

The Classic

An even blend of fruits and veggies

Green Cleanse
Recovery Punch
Golden Glow
Junglelilly x 2

The Low Sugar

Packed with lots of veggie drinks to reduce fruit sugars

Tigerlilly x 3
Green Cleanse
Recovery Punch

The One with Protein

Fruit and veggie juices combined with plant-based protein mylks help with fullness

Strawberry Cashew Milk x 2
Green Cleanse

Make Your Own

It’s easy to make your own cleanse combinations! Just keep in mind you’ll need to consume at least six drinks per day. Choose from any of our pre-packaged cold-pressed juices of your liking. You can even mix things up with a different drink regimen each day.


Pick Your Duration

The Refresh — One-Day Cleanse

Quick and easy. A good option if you generally eat healthy but had an off day and need to reset.

The Toe-Dipper — Three-Day Cleanse

New to cleansing but eager to kick start healthier eating habits? Three is the magic number.

The All-In — Five-Day Cleanse

Go on the metaphorical hike and enjoy the view with extended benefits like clearer focus and increased energy. 


Get Your Juice

Drop By:
No need to plan ahead! Drop by and pick up a variety of bottled juices for your cleanse! Start small by purchasing a day or two of juices for optimal freshness.

Order Online:
Looking to keep your juice variety simple? Order a gallon ahead of time & enjoy our sustainability discount! 

Still not sure? Health benefits aside, our cleanse comes with extra perks!

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JuiceLand Lemon Juice Icon The Juice is Loose! We suggest consuming at least 6 bottles of raw, cold-pressed juice per day, but if you need more—go for it! Just keep a balance of high fruit and high veggie juices.
JuiceLand Raw Snacks Icon You can have raw snacks! Feeling peckish? If you have to eat raw veggies here or there, we won’t tell.
JuiceLand Surprise Icon Have questions? Use our Cleanse FAQ below to help guide your cleanse!


Questions? We’ve heard them all. We’ve answered them, too.

How is your cleanse different?

Our juices are squeezed within a day of when you drink them and made from 90% organic vegetables and fruit. We use an incredible cold-press machine to squeeze every last drop of raw, enzyme-rich liquid goodness from our produce in a way that retains the highest nutritional integrity. The juice is never heated, frazzled, or stored for long periods of time.

You won’t get that from the more expensive, nationally distributed brands. Plus, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by not having them shipped from thousands of miles away.

We offer several different juices to suit almost every walk of life. We have an experienced, educated staff that is ready and willing to answer all of your questions to ensure that your cleanse will be a success. We are available via text, email, and phone Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Let us help you and be your guide. We love it, and no question is too small or silly. 🙂

Keep cleansing weird!

Do I need to prepare?

It is a good idea to prepare your body before a cleanse. You can do this by eliminating processed foods on the days leading up to your cleanse, and encorporating more raw fruits and vegetables.

Are there any side effects?

Everybody is different, but there are some typical side effects to a juice cleanse that are good to know about and be prepared for. For the first two or three days, detoxification is at its most drastic and noticeable, as the body adjusts to the new regimen. Feeling under the weather, having a headache, fatigue, and minor skin blemishes are all common symptoms of detoxification, and should be embraced! This is your body doing the work!

The more pleasurable results of a juice cleanse are soon to follow, and usually include healthier-looking skin, clearer eyes, better awareness of the effects of certain foods on the body, clarity of mind, improved digestion, an overall sense of well-being, positive mood, and even weight loss if doing a long cleanse with a properly planned diet afterward.

During Our Cleanse

Can I work out while cleansing?

Sure thing, jellybean. But take it easy—no marathons or anything. A juice cleanse should be respected as its own physical event.

That said, light exercise like jogging, walking, swimming, hiking, Pilates, etc., is excellent for stimulating lymphatic movement and encouraging healthy detoxification.

In general, if you plan to exercise, save a sweeter juice for immediately afterward. The sweetness indicates that the juice is rich in carbohydrates, and these will replenish your glycogen stores and help you maintain sustained energy levels.

Do I keep taking my supplements?

Most supplements don’t digest that well in absence of solid foods, and some individuals even report a stomach ache after taking supplements on a cleanse. For these reasons, we don’t really suggest taking them for the short period of time you’re cleansing.

The fresh juice found in your cleanse is made from pounds and pounds of fruit and vegetables and loaded with vitamins and minerals. If you take supplements during your cleanse, it is recommended that they be food-based. On an extended cleanse, you may opt to supplement with D3 and B12. Always speak with your doctor about your medication and how it may interact during a juice cleanse.

Do I have to finish all my juices?

That’s okay! Everyone is different and it really is amazing how filling juice can actually be. You are not disrupting your cleanse in any way by not finishing all of your juices. It just means you may have extra to cleanse for an extra day if you want to.

Most likely though, by the third or fourth day, your appetite for juice will pick up and you’ll find it easier to drink it all.

What if I have low energy?

It is 100% normal and healthy to be tired when you cleanse, side effects can include a healthy bit of lethargy. If you can swing it, allow your body to go through this process and chillax, for optimum results. We suggest lying down flat on your back for at least 20 minutes a day while cleansing. Your body will thank you. Putting your legs up the wall on your back is also a treat for your nervous system.

Keep in mind that all stimulants tax the liver and adrenals. Taxing your liver while doing a juice cleanse is like taking a shower with a raincoat on! To each his own though… in case you do need to power through a project during your cleanse and need a boost of energy, your immediate options are freshly brewed mate (aka yerba mate) and green tea. No sweeteners, no creamer!

Other substances that actually improve your energy by supporting better health include e3 live, ginseng, coconut water, ashwagandha, moringa, adrenal blend tinctures, holy basil (aka tulsi), wheatgrass, and gynostemma. These next-level “stimulators” have been known to activate the sympathetic nervous system to give the body energy and help to control brain focus and clarity without taxing the body in any way.

General Juice Cleanse Questions

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a short-term, fresh, raw, all-liquid diet that is used to assist one in achieving their health goals. You might have heard of the term “juice fast”—we don’t really like it. A fast implies you’re starving your body, which shouldn’t ever be the goal. Starving your body taxes it even further and around here, we are in the business of building you up in the long run, not breaking you down.

Our goal is to nourish, not deprive. A juice cleanse means you still receive plenty of sustenance but in the form of wholesome, organic freshly pressed veggie and fruit juice.

Why should I cleanse?

A juice cleanse can give your digestive system—including filtering organs like liver, kidneys, and gall bladder—a break from processing heavy proteins, fat, and other components of your diet that take a lot of work to sort out, giving you simply good, clean energy to work with. The moment your body is done digesting, it switches over to “self-heal” mode, which is the main point of doing a juice cleanse.

After a juice cleanse, especially one that’s at least five days long, you should feel refreshed, energized, and focused. You may notice you sleep better and crave better foods.

When should I cleanse?

Plan for a time when you have a few days before the cleanse to prepare, and a few days after the cleanse to ease back onto a normal healthy diet. Try it with one or more friends for support and encouragement. Also, planning for a time when you are able to relax for the first three days is always more pleasurable.

Most importantly, make sure the cleanse doesn’t run into any weddings, vacations, or holidays—only the gnarliest ninja cleansers can withstand cheating during these times. And be warned: Breaking any juice cleanse with booze and hors d’oeuvres is a recipe for disaster.

Is juice cleansing safe?

Yes, if you do your research and cleanse sensibly.

If you have food allergies, check our ingredients for each product, and, of course, let us know—we might share prep space with things you’re allergic to. Also, if you have other special dietary needs or you are breastfeeding, cleansing is not recommended.

If you have any doubts, consult your doctor or other health care provider first.

Is cleansing recommended during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to do a juice cleanse during pregnancy or while nursing.