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Daily Smoothie Specials

We live for keeping things fresh. Choose from daily specials—one deliciously unique smoothie for every day that ends with a Y—or seasonal favorites made for a good cause.

Feel Good, Do Good Seasonal Special

50% of all profits go to The Seedling Mentor Program

The Rehydrator

Small $6.95
Medium $8.95
Large $10.95

Ingredients: A seasonal smoothie featuring watermelon, raspberry, mango, peach, beet, coconut oil, mint, lime & sea salt

About Feel Good Do Good

Can smoothies make the world a better place? We’re willing to put money on it. 50% of the proceeds from our rotating seasonal special goes to local non-profits that serve marginalized communities.

About The Seedling Mentor Program

The Seedling Mentor Program is designed to provide children with a long-term, positive relationship that helps them navigate the challenges experienced during an extended period of family separation due to parental incarceration and help children develop or maintain positive attitudes towards education. Become a mentor or donate now at


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