Company Values


This company was built on fun! The quirky, funky, silly theme is expressed everywhere. We are proud of the fact that our staff enjoys coming to work and spending time with people they enjoy being around.


We are hyper-focused on making all of our customers and crew feel like they belong at JuiceLand. We welcome all!


We care about quality, our impact on our community and , the health of the planet. We are mindful when it comes to each other’s needs and demonstrate this in our actions, our communication, and our daily practices.


Our energetic crew and our fresh products promote vitality, providing the energy to empower healthy choices.


JuiceLand was inspired by the refreshing waters of Barton Springs pool in Austin, TX. Every Austinite knows that Barton Springs’ perpetually chilly waters are the ultimate source of refreshment on a hot summer day. Walking out of a JuiceLand feels like jumping into the springs: you’ll leave feeling refreshed by the fresh smell of delicious fruits and vegetables in our shops, exceptional customer service, inclusive and diversity in our workforce, our delicious delights, and so much more!


We go above and beyond to uphold a high standard of quality in our products, our customer service, and our crew.


We believe that in just about every situation, there is something to be grateful for and that what you focus on expands. We appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh faces and fresh attitudes, and we especially appreciate our JuiceLand crew, customers, and community. As we love to say: Gratitude is the Juice of Life!.