This page has been designed to assist the People Team in addressing serious employee issues or violations of company policies. Below we have outlined two resources at your disposal to report situations that you feel uncomfortable reporting directly to your leader. The first is a third-party resource, called Ethics Point that you can access online or call to report any incidents that violate our culture of respect. The second is our Anonymous Feedback Form, the information submitted there goes directly to HR and will help us support you if any issue arises.

You may find that reaching out to the People Team directly or our COO may be faster or more effective.

  • The People Teamhr@juiceland.com
  • Heather Turner, Chief Operations Officer – heather@juiceland.com

Please know that we appreciate your anonymous feedback however, when situations arise that need to be addressed we want to be able to do that.  We will do whatever possible to ensure privacy is respected and situations are handled confidentially and sensitively. If you choose not to include your name please include enough details (evidence) for us to be able to investigate the claim to make a factual conclusion. I.E. – include location, date and time of incident, list any witnesses, etc.

In order to maintain a work environment where employees regardless of protected characteristics feel included and are free from harassment and discrimination some situations may require an investigation. As a part of the investigation we must ensure that a just, verifiable corroboration is made. The evidence must substantiate the allegations so that a definitive conclusion can be reached. Dates, times, witnesses and as much detail as possible will support our investigative efforts. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

1. Employee Helpline – Ethics Point

2. Anonymous Feedback Form

Form used on the Anonymous Feedback page within the Employee Portal

  • Would you like to give your name to help accelerate the process? This issue will be addressed confidentially and we will discuss next steps with you before we proceed to include other persons involved.