DEI Self-Teaching Resources

We are on a mission to energize, educate, and empower JuiceLand employees with resources that bring diversity and inclusion to life. The materials presented here are all self-paced and low to no cost.

Start Here: The Trusted 10 Exercise


Write down 10 people who you really trust that are not family.


Notate their Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Education, Sexual Orientation, Disability, and other (i.e. parental status)


Ask yourself if this is a diverse group.

Print this document, or make your own.
Project Implicit
Employees can find out their implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation and other topics. Employees can directly go the website to take the assessment to learn about themselves.
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The Language of Inclusion
Find definitions of common terms through this resource.
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Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks
Conversation Roadblocks and How to Surmount Them
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An online resource that is self paced for 30 days of learning and an ally call to action course.
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The Anti-Racist Starter Pack
The Anti-Racist Starter Pack: 40 TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to Add to Your List
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Anti-Racist Resource Document
Joy Wiggins, PhD has put together this anti-racist resource document toward parents
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Safe Zone Training
An online and self-directed class to promote Foundational LGBTQ+ understanding & inclusion.
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Value of Diversity
The Value of Diversity for LGBT+ People
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Women Supporting Women
Explore this resource put together by Joy Wiggins, PhD
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Understanding Gender Inequality
An online course on gender inequality.
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“So You Want to Talk About Race” Book Club
Week 1
Covers chapters 1-3
Watch replay
Week 2
Covers chapters 4-8
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Week 3
Covers chapters 9-13
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Week 4
Covers chapters 14-18
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Speaker Series
Courageous Conversations
Listen to Angela Shaw, our Chief People Officer, thoughtfully translate how she was able to use her personal experiences to boldly fuel positive interactions in the world.
Watch replay here
Inclusivity in Action: Ways to Lead Equitably
Listen to Zachary Nunn, CEO and Founder of Living Corporate, discuss the ways we can contribute to a more equitable workforce.
Watch replay here
Power and Sexism: Unmasking Microaggressions to Create a More Equitable Workplace
Listen to Joy Wiggins, PhD, explore the ways Power and Sexism show up in the workplace.
Watch replay here
Understanding & Valuing Neurodiversity
J. David Hall discusses neurodiversity, and how workplaces can become truly inclusive to all persons, regardless of the way their minds work.
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LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion
Shannon Whittington shares how we can create a workplace that is more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community.
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